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    Noel Whaling
    April 21, 2022

    Amazing work! Joe is my tattoo artist and he’s been doing my tattoos for almost a year. Very talented, the best black and grey artist. He’s even done some great color too. His attention to detail is on point! Very charismatic and makes getting a tattoo a very pleasant experience!

    Heather Sanchez
    November 02, 2022

    I took my daughter to get a second ear piercing and Aaron was amazing! He explained everything to her and put her nerves at ease. She talked me into getting a helix piercing. I have had it done in the past and every time I had to pull the piercing and let it heal. This time was a success! I have had the piercing now for at least 6 months and beyond thrilled that it healed without any complications. She is now talking me into taking her back for another piercing!

    Vikki L
    August 24, 2022

    Got a navel piercing last week and the piercer messed it up. She took way too much skin and gave me super tight jewelry which then made the jewelry embed into my skin. She even told me to use witch hazel which isn’t good for new piercings especially. Luckily I went back and they were able to re pierce it for me and even gave me longer jewelry. I appreciated it and the service was good since I only had to pay $10 and they were quick. I hope the lady is educated so she knows not to mess up like this on anyone else as getting a repiercing is kind of a painful process.

    Tess V
    October 02, 2022

    This was my first time getting a tattoo. I was told that Mike was the one to go to. The best advice I can give is just don't go here. They use good quality ink, but that's about it. The tattoo didn't turn out well. Went in for a touch up. Still bad. Had to go to another shop to get it done properly. Specifically, the stippling was done in an amateurish way and needed to be redone and covered. When I have to pay another shop and another artist to touch up your work it doesn't reflect well. Sorry guys.

    December 07, 2022

    Erin/Aaron was my piercer. I had gotten a nostril piercing a couple months ago and the thing got infected just a few days later. I did the cleaning procedures I was told to do which I had to ask for by the way. Nothing was told to me until I asked. And the cleaning procedure wasn’t great by the way because I got told to clean my piercing with HANDSOAP. Yes, this could work but it was a brand new piercing. You need solution, not hand soap. Anyway, despite my efforts, it still got infected and lasted months. I had to take it out somewhere else and let it heal. Not only did my skin get infected, but the piercing was in the wrong spot in general. Erin had hit a nerve which caused pain in my nose, reaching to my TEETH for a week and a half. I went to another, better piercer who told me that the metal was extremely cheap, and that I was pierced completely wrong. No wonder why it hurt so much. It felt like I had the worst toothache of my life. Just in case you thought it was low pain tolerance, the second time I got pierced I didn’t feel pain not even a day after. I wouldn’t recommend this place for any piercings besides ear piercings. Total waste of money

    Major Ink Studios

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    2501 Palm Ave Suite #101, Miramar, FL 33025, USA

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