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    February 19, 2023

    What did I go there for: New jewelry for my eyebrow and nose piercings on a Saturday afternoon. Mads greeted me as I walked in the door, friendly and with a smile. When I went to explain what I was looking for, she knew what it was before I even said it (shorter eyebrow)! Not only did she have a selection, but I asked if she could change my nose jewelry for me, and she had time right then and there to take care of it for me. Great atmosphere, amazing vibe. All jewelry was wrapped in appropriate sterile bags. She gave me some tips for thread-less jewelry, and when I said I have trouble buying jewelry because I don't know the terminology (for sizes and such), she said to send her a social media message and she'll let me know if it works! Finally, pricing was incredibly reasonable. Next piercing/tattoo for myself or someone I know, Mermaid's Mark is going to be my recommendation. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!!!

    DefiantMist (DefiantMist)
    November 18, 2022

    Madelyn is very professional and the business is very welcoming. Very sanitary and nothing felt awkward or rushed. I walked in at 12:00 and was pierced and out by 12:15 ish (including lots of talking on my part and some paperwork). Madelyn is very knowledgeable in her craft. I would definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for piercings.

    Kera Nesslein
    November 07, 2022

    Love the vibe here, I knew Ron from my last tattoo artist who I no longer go to. Ron did a cover up on my calf, and I could not be happier. He's a cool dude who just wants to show off his work, and give people the tattoos they want while seeing everyone in his shops succeed. I'm getting the rest of my Japanese tattoo finished on my calf, and I can't wait for his master piece. I recommend this shop despite what the bad reviews say!!!!!!!!

    Erin Marshall
    December 30, 2022

    I went to Mermaid’s Mark previously for a piercing and had a lovely time with Mads, who made me feel right at home and was very personable. So when my best friend came for a visit and said she wanted tattoos, I immediately contacted them. Unfortunately, we did not have a stellar experience. I called into the shop and asked if they had any openings for walk-ins that day. The person on the phone stated they did and so we went there. We were put with Todd, I believe. He never introduced himself. I only saw the name on the certification on the wall. He immediately seemed annoyed that we were there, even though he agreed to take us. He asked us what we wanted and where. Her and I agreed that we wanted very simple line work and text on the ribs. He then was very condescending and said that he will not do that because tattooing ribs is difficult enough without someone moving around in the chair. He made the assumption that one/both of us couldn’t sit through it. All of my work was covered at that time (I am well-covered in tattoos), and felt this assumption was not at all fair in my case. This was my friend’s first one so I definitely understood that. Not wanting to argue, we just took his word as the professional and went with the inside of our upper arms. During both of our tattoos, and especially after it was clear that it was my friend’s first tattoo, this guy had absolutely no bedside manner whatsoever. Again, seemed super annoyed that we were in his chair. It didn’t make her feel welcome or comfortable. If I attempted to make conversation or say something, I was met with literally no reply except for when I asked how much it would cost us. When I tell you these lines are shaky….whew. They are SHAKY. No shading. Simple line work and text. I even waited until any swelling subsided to write this review just in case I was wrong. The tattoo wasn’t even done well even with no movement on my part. After my friend finished with her tattoo, he gave her absolutely no instructions on tattoo aftercare, verbally or physically. I’m knowledgeable enough, but a certified professional has explained this to me in EVERY shop with EVERY tattoo I’ve received, even if I saw that artist before. I’m not certified, so I should not have had to take on that role. Overall, if this is your first tattoo, I do not recommend going to this artist. The rest of the staff at Mermaid’s Mark seems spectacular and friendly, but I just really felt the need to share this experience. If you ever want to get a piercing, however, Mads is the literal bomb.

    Michelle Mathers
    March 10, 2023

    Amazing crew here! Their piercer is amazing, fully explains what shes doing before, during and after. Everyone is super friendly! A year later and the team is still top of the line! Mads is the ONLY person I trust for any piercings. Shes done my lip ring and my septum now. Highly recommend!!!!

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    4949A Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050, USA

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