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    Kade Heales
    January 13, 2023

    I’ve gone Al Perez to get work done. It was a struggle to get in. He cancelled or rescheduled on me 3 times. Two of these cancellations were within 48 hours and one of those was 2 hours before the appointment and he said, “he forgot what we talked about last time so he didn’t have anything prepared”. This was after already rescheduling once so he had more than enough time to draw something up or if he forgot what we talked about he could’ve reached out a lot sooner than 2 hours before the appointment. In the terms he sent me, he said if I were to cancel 48 hours before an appointment, I would be subject to forfeit my deposit. It also states if he needs to reschedule due to an emergency, I would be given a 1-hour credit. He rescheduled twice on me within 48 hours and never offered to credit me for the inconvenience, so I feel like I’m being held to a different standard for rescheduling. My sister and I got our first tattoos here a few years back from a different artist and it was a much better experience. Some of the other artists seemed more professional and engaged. For the amount of work I have left on my arm, I decided it was easier to just forfeit my deposit and find a different artist rather than deal with the last minute rescheduling. The most disappointing part was no attempt to credit me for the inconvenience knowing that I would’ve forfeited my deposit had I treated him this way.

    Katherine Comerford
    January 17, 2023

    I have never dealt with a tattoo place with such poor customer service. For one, I have been trying for nearly 2 months to get in for a touch-up appointment for a very small part of my tattoo and despite multiple emails, phone calls, and Instagram messages, they will not schedule me. I paid $200 for 2 extremely small, all-black tattoos each about the size of a dime and put a deposit of $50 down that they forgot to apply to the final cost even though they told me I would be refunded for it. I inquired about the charge after it was cleared from my bank account and they said they could only give me a cash refund, which I had to go back to the shop to pick up. The day of my appointment (which was originally scheduled for 2pm), they asked if they could bump it back later. I told them I had somewhere to be at 6:30, so they said they could get me in at 3:00. I arrived on time and wasn’t even seen until almost 6:00, causing me to not be finished until after I was supposed to be at an event at 6:30 (didn’t leave until 7ish). It’s been nonstop issues with this place and of all the tattoo parlors I’ve been to in the world, I would never recommend going here. UPDATE: Finally got in touch with my artist, Sadie, who said she is refusing to touch-up my tattoo and literally HUNG UP on me because she asked if I was the one that left a bad review for them. Wow! Never experienced this kind of treatment from any tattoo shop. AVOID! *In response to the owner*: I appreciate your comments and well wishes, though it does not resolve my frustration for the poor customer service I received with Sadie. I never asked nor expected to get my ink issue resolved for free. As stated, I reached out multiple times via email, Instagram, and phone calls and in every form of communication I never once stated that I was not planning on paying for the service. I understand the costs of set up and ink (and can imagine with inflation prices have increased for you on this as well) are not cheap. I was simply wanting/needing to get a minor problem area fixed and would’ve liked to return to the spot I initially had the work done. I was given one time slot, at 6pm on Saturday, January 7th. That was the only option I was given and unfortunately I had dinner reservations at Franck’s at 5:15 that I had made days prior in order to celebrate my birthday, so you can see why that wouldn’t have worked for my schedule. I had been trying to contact Sadie since November and was given no other options on times available with her or any other artists. Then I called back and was immediately hung up on because I said “yes” when questioned if I had written a bad review on Google (which I initially never even mentioned an artist’s name), which I feel is unacceptable, inexcusable, and extremely unprofessional. I have never hung up the phone on a person in my life, let alone a paying customer. Also, after waiting for over 3 hours for my appointment I not once showed anger or frustration because I was trying to be understanding that things happen, though I was never issued an apology or reasoning behind the delay. I’ve heard great things about this tattoo shop and have had many friends get work done here (one that was actually there at the same time as my appointment) and it’s a shame to have had such a poor experience. I will say that aside from dealing with Sadie, the girl at the front has always been lovely and respectful and I appreciate the customer service she offered.

    Steve Bailing
    November 05, 2022

    The premier tattoo studio in SLC. If you’re a current or past client, then you know. If you’re searching around for an artist, this is the place. Oak has assembled a team of professionals that cover a wide variety of styles to suit the needs of their clients. Everyone at the shop is friendly and welcoming. No attitudes which is great for those starting out on their tattoo adventure.

    Dave M.
    March 21, 2023

    Fantastic shop. Great vibe with a laid back staff. Cody did an excellent job with my piece. Highly recommend this place.

    Little Winter Wolf
    May 13, 2021

    Words cant even describe how wonderful my experience was! Immediately, the door was held open for my husband and I and we were greeted with the utmost kindness. Kudos to Quade (I believe that's their name) for the great introduction and help! My artist was Al, and HOLY SMOKES! I gotta say, my time here was phenomenal. Al was very accommodating with my design request and gave great advice on what would look great and age well. Al prepped and sanitized his area, making sure that everything was clean and comfortable. While tattooing, he was gentle and great to work with! This was a new experience for me, and it was better than I could ever imagine. Everything was just so perfect to me! I cant explain it, but it just felt right to be there at that moment. From listening to Queens Of The Stone Age, Talking about Dark Souls (my husband and I had a dark souls themed wedding but I was too shy to bring it up!), watching beautiful art unfold, everything felt nostalgic and left an ethereal impression on me. In the end, my tattoo turned out absolutely beautiful and I couldn't thank Al enough for this stunning experience. I will definitely be coming back for more! I truly appreciate the hard work and kindness that was put into my time being there!

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